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  • In Fact I Don’t Complain of Being Wronged When Students Enroll at Universities Other than GMU

    TweetHere’s an open letter to Cafe Hayek commenter Steve Walser: Mr. Walser: This letter is a response to your comment on a blog post in which I argue that producers, including workers, have no

  • Back When Dan Griswold and I were Young(ish) Men…

    Tweet… we shared a lectern with each other at an October 2004 Cato University session in Quebec. Dan at that time was working on trade at Cato; he is now, as readers of this blog know, working on

  • The Arrogance of Seekers of Special Privilege

    TweetHere’s a letter to Cafe Hayek reader Richard Williams (who is not my former Mercatus Center colleague by the same name). This Mr. Williams accuses me of “recklessly contributing to the

  • Tariffs are Welfare

    TweetHere’s a letter to Cafe Hayek reader Roland de Groote: Mr. de Groote : In your first e-mail to me you argued that “protection is necessary to make sure innocent workers’ incomes don’t