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  • Rival Gang Violence Against Peaceful Traders

    TweetHere’s a follow-up letter to Larry Clark: Mr. Clark: Thanks for your response to my earlier letter. You’re correct to note that there’s a genuine difference between the case of our

  • Mutual Self-Impoverishment is Foolish

    TweetHere’s a letter to a Cafe Hayek reader: Mr. Larry Clark Mr. Clark: Thanks for your e-mail. You’re correct: I do indeed believe that the United States government has no business

  • A Cyclone of Confusion Is About to Strike

    TweetWith hurricane Florence now striking the U.S. east coast, the typical late-summer silly season in economics commentary is about to launch. And nothing is more silly than is the barrage of

  • Tariffs are Man-made Disasters

    TweetThis e-mail is to a self-described “skeptical but curious reader” of my blog. Mr. Chris Pham Mr. Pham: Thanks for your e-mail. You ask if I’m inconsistent, on one hand, to support higher