Tag: The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

  • A New Campus Invention for Policing Speech

    Colleges are using a new tool with the frightening potential to shut down open dialogue. They go by the benign-sounding name of “bias response teams.”  Bias response teams monitor what students

  • The Innovation Dilemma Facing Betsy DeVos

    No one can accuse Education Secretary Betsy DeVos of inaction. Just within the past few weeks, her Department of Education announced the overhaul of two major Obama-era regulations. The next stage of

  • Social Justice Teaching Has Invaded Business Schools

    Many professors cannot resist the temptation to smuggle their personal beliefs into the courses they teach. As long as those beliefs are “progressive,” there is little chance that higher-ups in

  • Fixing the Divide Between the Public and Higher Ed

    The partnership between America and its colleges and universities is broken. Americans are disappointed with higher education. A majority of Americans (57 percent) now say higher education fails to