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  • Retirement Tip #62: Certainty Equals Opportunity

    Good morning and welcome to post-election America!With all of the hype and drama leading up to yesterday’s midterm election, you might think that the sun wasn’t going to come up this

  • REVEALED: Trump’s #1 Real Estate Success Secret

    There’s no question Donald Trump is the richest President in the history of the United States.At a staggering estimated net worth of over $5.5 billion dollars, he’s richer than every previous

  • Can’t Miss: The Market Gives Investors a “Do-Over”

    Ever wish you got a “do-over” when it comes to your investment decisions?I know a lot of people who remember the financial crisis and wish to god they could go back in time. Because if you

  • Wall Street’s Lucrative “Tombstone” Strategy… Resurrected!

    As the end of October approaches, I’m noticing tombstones popping up in a number of my neighbor’s yards.Of course, my kids are getting excited about Halloween and binging on as much sugar as