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  • The State Has No Business Drumming Up Business

    TweetHere’s an open letter to Cafe Hayek commenter Dan Jennings: Mr. Jennings: Commenting at my blog on a point that David Henderson made about Trump’s tariffs, you wrote this: “Yet, if the

  • Non-Wage Job Attributes

    TweetTyler Cowen recently posted the abstract to the new paper by Jeffrey Clemens, Lisa B. Kahn, and Jonathan Meer on the negative impact of minimum wages on workers’ fringe benefits non-wage

  • Competition is Neither Criminal nor Tortious

    TweetBelow is a letter to The Economist; I thank Tim Schweizer for the heads-up: Swati Dhingra is correct that Paul Samuelson argued that globalisation creates losers who, in Mr Samuelson’s

  • What if….

    TweetThe letter below is to someone who tells me by e-mail that he was once “fooled by free trade ideology” but has since discovered the error of his ways. Mr. Phil Becker Mr. Becker: Unhappy