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  • Busting Popular Economic Myths

    TweetIn my latest column for AIER, I celebrate the fact that sound economics works like acid to dissolve popular myths.  A slice: To think like a good economist is not only to be forever skeptical

  • A Cyclone of Confusion Is About to Strike

    TweetWith hurricane Florence now striking the U.S. east coast, the typical late-summer silly season in economics commentary is about to launch. And nothing is more silly than is the barrage of

  • Get Real About the Motivation for Minimum Wages

    TweetReading Pierre Lemieux’s EconLog blog post “Trade and Force” offers a further reason for dismissing the now-common assertion that government-imposed minimum wages are justified as a

  • Protectionism is Gang Violence…

    Tweet… which is a truth not nullified but only masked by the fact that the gangs that impose and enforce protectionist policies are so overwhelmingly powerful that their victims seldom bother to