Tag: Myths and Fallacies

  • The Playing Field that Needs Leveling is the One on the Potomac

    TweetHere’s a letter to someone who describes himself as “frustrated” by my “hostility to American interests.” Where this man got this notion is beyond me. Mr. Richard Crowe Mr.

  • Predation Never Justifies Predation

    TweetHere’s a letter to a reader of Cafe Hayek: Mr. Josh Henderson Mr. Henderson: Thanks for your e-mail. You ask which government – the U.S. or the Chinese – I believe to be most responsible

  • Costs are Not Benefits

    TweetHere’s another letter to my arch-protectionist correspondent Nolan McKinney: Like you, I read in the Wall Street Journal that Trump’s tariffs on washing machines are prompting Samsung and

  • Suboptimal Understanding

    TweetCommenting on Scott Sumner’s recent, excellent EconLog post on trade theory and policy advocacy, Warren Platts writes like a man who knows just enough economics to get economics wrong while