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  • U.S.A. fact of the day

    Number of unaccompanied minors, age 17 or lower, apprehended during or after border crossings, fiscal year 2017: 41, 456 Trump aside, what exactly is the plan here? Hat tip goes to @BaldingsWorld.

  • *Empire of Guns*

    The author is Priya Satia, and the subtitle is The Violent Making of the Industrial Revolution.  Here is one good bit: In fact, there were so many transitions between peace and war that it is

  • Law, Legislation, and the Trump Administration’s Cruelty

    TweetRegular readers of Cafe Hayek are aware of the importance that I attach to the distinction between legislation and law. “Legislation” is the name for the commands issued by the state.

  • Towards An International Court of Smart Contract Arbitration

    Firms involved in international commerce routinely contract that disputes are to be resolved by private courts of arbitration such as the International Court of Arbitration, the London Court of