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  • Trump Should Take the Fifth

    Obviously frustrated by President Trump’s refusal to comply with Special Counsel (and former FBI Director) Robert Mueller’s conditions for an interrogation of Trump, Mueller is now threatening to

  • Why Do Some Libertarians Support Social Security?

    NOTE: I will be giving a talk at a breakfast meeting of the Tidewater (Virginia) Libertarian Party this Saturday, August 18, at 8:15 a.m. The event is open to the public. Place: Providence Square

  • Trump Would Be Stupid to Talk to Mueller

    The U.S. mainstream press is obviously becoming increasingly anxious about Special Counsel (and former FBI Director) Robert Mueller’s efforts to bring an early end to Donald Trump’s presidency.

  • The Common Roots of the Wars on Immigrants and Drugs

    I just read a very insightful article about the history of the war on drugs, entitled “How America Convinced the World to Demonize Drugs” by J.S. Rafaeli. The central theme of the article is that