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  • 10 Things I Learned: Tyler Cowen

    That is a short interview with me from Northern Virginia magazine, here is one excerpt: When did you feel you had “made it”? Jan. 21, 1962 (his birthday). That was a turning point of sorts for

  • My favorite things Ukraine

    I am just arriving, and for the first time  Here are my favorites: 1. Pianist: Emil Gilels, most of all for Beethoven and Chopin.  Vladimir Horowitz was born in Kiev, he was often best in unusual

  • Are there more spies than you think?

    That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column, here is one excerpt: We tend to focus on the cloak and dagger side of the KGB and successor institutions, but they’re also just government agencies

  • Robert Wiblin interviews Yew-Kwang Ng

    From Wiblin”s email: “Hi Tyler, You may well have encountered him in writing Stubborn Attachments, as he has covered so many similar themes. He: Was an active columnist in Chinese newspapers in