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  • Robert Wiblin’s Conversation with Tyler Cowen

    This was two and a half hours (!), and it is a special bonus episode in Conversations in Tyler, here is the text and audio.  The starting base of the discussion was my new, just today published book

  • The Effect of Communism on People’s Attitudes Toward Immigration

    Does living in a communist regime make a person more concerned about immigration? This paper argues conceptually and demonstrates empirically that people’s attitudes toward immigration are affected

  • Some Control

    TweetAndy Kessler has a pretty good essay in today’s Wall Street Journal on the Reagan administration’s mid-1980s effort to protect U.S. producers of semiconductors against the perfidious

  • Today in History: James Iredell Born

    Today in 1751, James Iredell was born. A brilliant figure of the founding era, he was considered a legal prodigy at an extremely young age.Just prior to the American War for Independence, he penned a