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Don’t Fall For the Con-Con Con

I have some bad news to report. S. 401, a bill applying for an Article V Constitutional Convention, is scheduled for a hearing TOMORROW, October 12, in the Massachusetts Committee on Election Laws. I need your help to stop it. Every […] …

Why I’m Triggered by Knee-Jerk Reactions

After a tragic event like the one brought on by a white terrorist in Las Vegas, predicting the ensuing social media conversation is easy. Gun control is too lax! say those on the left. That’s crazy! You can’t let one…Related StoriesFreedom Is the Imitatio ChristiHow the Government “Works” – A Visual ModelHow Should A Christian Politician Behave? …

Freedom Is the Imitatio Christi

“The truth shall set you free.” – Jesus Christ The truth, as Jesus demonstrated, is not conceptual but perceptual. That is, it is embodied, not abstract knowledge. The truth can only be discovered through living life, not through mastering a…Related StoriesHow the Government “Works” – A Visual ModelRacism, Free Speech, and CensorshipLiberty Needs Christianity, Not Fascism …

US Sanctions Against Venezuela Will Hurt Americans

After fifty years of imposing embargoes and other sanctions, the United States never managed to topple Cuba’s communist regime. After forty years of the same in Iran, the US met with similar amounts of success. Ongoing sanctions against North Korea have not toppled to regime there.  By:  Ryan McMaken This article first appeared at Mises.org

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