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  • My Bloomberg column on Harvard and Asian-American admissions

    Here is the column, here is one bit: I attended Harvard (for my doctorate in economics), and most of the people there are as well-meaning as any you might find in Idaho or West Virginia. And: Step

  • Do female department chairs matter?

    Appointing female managers is a common proposal to improve women’s representation and outcomes in the workplace, but it is unclear how well such policies accomplish these goals. Using

  • Learning from the Best

    As you may know, I’ve co-authored two books with the now President Donald Trump. We were working on a third project but that had to be shelved when he decided to run for Commander-In-Chief.I’ve

  • Incentives matter

    Chad Haag considered living in a cave to escape his student debt. He had a friend doing it. But after some plotting, he settled on what he considered a less risky plan. This year, he relocated to a