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  • Tax salience and the new Trump tariffs

    That is the topic of my latest Bloomberg column.  Here is one excerpt: …tariffs distort consumer decisions more than sales taxes do. It may well be true that consumers don’t notice tariffs as

  • American competitive democracy survives

    Most elections in the United States are not close, which has raised concerns among social scientists and reform advocates about the vibrancy of American democracy. In this paper, we demonstrate that

  • Don’t Get Into a Knife Fight with Larry Summers

    Larry Summers is not happy with Joseph Stiglitz’s piece The Myth of Secular Stagnation, which argues that the idea of secular stagnation as put forward by Summers and others was little more than a

  • Kiwi cat quotas?

    A regional council in New Zealand has proposed banning all domestic cats in an attempt to protect native animals. Environment Southland’s “pest plan” calls for all domestic cats in the region