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  • My Conversation with Michael Pollan

    I was very happy with how this turned out, here is the audio and transcript.  Here is how the CWTeam summarized it: Michael Pollan has long been fascinated by nature and the ways we connect and

  • My preface to *Stubborn Attachments*, and why this book is especially important

    Here it is: One theme of Stubborn Attachments is that economic growth in the wealthier countries has positive spillover effects for poorer individuals around the world.  If you think of the

  • My favorite things Ukraine

    I am just arriving, and for the first time  Here are my favorites: 1. Pianist: Emil Gilels, most of all for Beethoven and Chopin.  Vladimir Horowitz was born in Kiev, he was often best in unusual

  • Trade Books

    TweetYesterday, Dan Mitchell sent to me the following e-mail: Don,If you were to recommend five publications on trade (for non-economist readers), what would be on your list?ThanksDan Here’s my