• Virtually Impossible to Find – Unless One Looks

    TweetHere’s a letter to the New York Times: In “The Trump Effect” (Jan. 1) Binyamin Appelbaum and Jim Tankersley favorably quote Jared Bernstein’s assertion that “he notion that

  • Marathon Update — 2 Steps Forward, One Step Back

    So, five days to my first and last marathon.  Some progress (and setbacks): Got the cortisone shots in my arthritic knees.  They feel about as good as I could hope Had my plantar fasciitis come

  • The Market Ticker – Are The Idiots On EC2 (and others) Ready?

    User Info Are The Idiots On EC2 (and others) Ready? in forum BodhiPosts: 161Incept: 2008-02-23Georgia I recently started learning the Linux system in earnest. It's like learning a foreign

  • Why I write for Bloomberg View

    A while ago I promised you my take on Bloomberg View , and why I decided to work for them.  They don’t know I am doing this post, I don’t in any official or even unofficial way speak for