Simply put there really are no media outlets for Libertarian, smaller government, peace and freedom opinion writers, this is not to say there are no “l” and “L” Libertarian websites! There are, and there are a lot of sites claiming to be “l” and “L” Libertarian websites that aren’t!

This sites mission is to reach out to those people that some refer to “Recovering R’s and D’s” people who are trying to recover a realistic perspective on politics and how it is only helping politicians “crony” network of “Crony friends” and not joe 6pack or joe plumber or joe truck driver.

This site aims to serve those people who once were once complete statists and who have come to  appreciate how the system at present has been gamed by people looking to enrich themselves via duplicitous law making or merely bending and rending of other laws at society’s expense.

If This Is You,,,Then you are who we are reaching out to.

Right now we are using feeds from

  • The Idaho Freedom Foundation
  • The Mises Institute
  • The Libertarian Party


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With our purpose being to collate as much Libertarian thought as possible in one place for ease of consumption for people who are just starting out on the road to Freedom. People who would otherwise might not know where to look, can find a sample of similar thought here.

Also If you have an RSS feed and are a Libertarian or libertarian leaning smaller government writer we would love to talk to you about adding your feed or adding you as a writer.

The only Limitations are no hate or open or indirect threats in any posts by any writer will be tolerated. Other than that You are welcome to post about anything you wish.