December 5, 2017

You stepped up and accomplished great things in 2017. Read on to see how much money you saved for Idahoans:

  • You blocked Medicaid expansion in Idaho for the fourth year in a row. The Idaho Freedom Foundation estimates that by restricting the growth of another bloated government program, you saved Idaho taxpayers $1 billion in state and federal dollars in 2017 and 2018 alone!
  • Thanks to your fiscally-responsible spirit, the Legislature passed a bill that allows counties to forego stocking up property tax increases, meaning they can’t ambush you with a huge tax hike later. So far, two taxing districts–Kootenai County and the Western Elmore Recreation District–have taken advantage, meaning $680,000 (and counting!) stays in residents’ pockets.
  • You blocked the Idaho Legislature from enacting a corporate welfare plan for data centers. That is a huge victory for marketplace integrity and will save taxpayers millions in the years to come.

These victories certainly give you something to celebrate this holiday season. A win for freedom is a win for every struggling Idaho family.

Unfortunately, our Legislature and local governments just can’t keep their fingers out of Idahoans’ wallets. I hope you’ll join us to fight big-government tax craziness, and keep money exactly where it belongs: with the people who earned it.

The difference between IFF and big government? We ask nicely, and we believe that you’re the one who should decide where your money will do the most good. Thank you for believing in us, and we assure you: every penny to the Idaho Freedom Foundation is a stand for freedom.

In closing, throughout the remaining days of 2017, may you and yours enjoy the opportunity to reflect on family, friends, and freedom.

Wayne Hoffman and the Idaho Freedom Foundation team

P.S. IFF needs your help to score major victories during the 2018 session. Grocery tax repeal, CBD oil legalization, civil asset forfeiture reform, and more are all on the line; Help IFF notch these policy wins in the coming months. Click here to donate today.

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