Day: April 11, 2018

The World’s Two Superpower Countries Are Walking On The Edge Of The Abyss In Syria

Authored by Elijah J. Magnier, For the first time since he is in office, the US President Donald Trump has launched a clear threat in the direction of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin saying “he will pay a price”. This menace is related to the claim that the Syrian army had launched a chemical attack against the city of Duma, in eastern Ghouta, the last stronghold of Saudi Arabia’s proxies close to Damascus. Trump is maybe thinking of bombing the Syrian Army positions spread throughout the Syrian geography, or perhaps even the Al-Muhajereen President’s palace in Damascus- of course, without necessarily saying when and where his army will strike. On the other side, Russia is saying it won’t stand still and will respond to any threat against its soldiers. Indeed, Russian officers are deployed in every single Syrian unit on the ground and in command and control headquarters in the Levant, coordinating and participating in attacks against jihadists since September 2015. Therefore, it is almost certain that any direct hit against the Syrian Army will cause Russian casualties. Such an act of war may trigger a Russian response by President Putin who will certainly not want to look weak in front…

On Education, Adam Smith, and James Buchanan

Tweet The great University of Arizona political philosopher David Schmidtz lectured today at George Mason University on “Markets in Education.”  As with all that Dave does, his talk was deep, thoughtful, and informative.  It was also entertaining. Dave began by […]