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Signed by the Governor: Wisconsin Law Takes on Asset Forfeiture, Federal Equitable Sharing Program

MADISON, Wisc. (April 4, 2018) – Yesterday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill into law that reforms the state’s asset forfeiture laws to prohibit the state from taking property without a criminal conviction in most situations. The legislation also takes a small, but important step toward closing a federal loophole that allows police to… ...

Trump’s New Opioid Strategy Isn’t New at All — and It Has Failed

Jeffrey A. Singer For someone who touted himself as an agent of change, President
Trump’s opioid policy announced in New Hampshire last month
is profoundly disappointing. The president wants to reduce opioid
prescriptions by another third over the next three years and press
for longer prison sentences and death penalties for drug-related
Doubling down on the same policy that has failed to work —
and has made things worse — is not what one expects from a
change agent.
Trump’s proposals are a product of the echo chamber in
policy circles that won’t rid itself of the false notion that
the opioid overdose crisis is primarily a result of doctors
prescribing opioids to their patients, condemning them to a life of
addiction. Member of this echo chamber ignore data from the National Survey on Drug Use and
Health consistently showing less than 25 percent of nonmedical
opioid users obtain a prescription, with over 75 percent getting it
from a friend, relative, or drug dealer. They refuse...