Day: April 1, 2018

  • Keep Going. This Too Shall Pass.

    Authored by Doug “Uncola” Lynn via,Like the weather when a storm approaches, or as the seasons turn, or waves pounding on a shoreline, any deviations are measured and compared

  • Geraldo Rivera: I Regret Not Backing the Palestinians During Their Intifada

    NEW YORK — Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera declared that he regrets not backing the Palestinians during their Second Intifada against Israel. Rivera was interviewed on Friday on Fox News’s

  • Brooklyn Museum Sparks Outrage After Hiring White Curator for African Art Exhibit

    The Brooklyn Museum in New York City has sparked outrage among members of the black community after it selected a white woman to curate its African art exhibit. The museum announced Monday that it

  • Freeman Essay #131: “Secure in Freedom”

    TweetIn the September 2010 Freeman I pondered the connection between Americans’ physical and ‘national’ security and immigration.  My pondering is below the fold. Language is indispensable