Day: March 5, 2018

  • Trump’s Tariffs Are a Tax on Americans

    On Thursday March 1, the Trump administration announced plans to impose 25% tariffs on imports of steel and 10% tariffs on imports of aluminum. By:  Frank Shostak This article first appeared at

  • The Full Nunberg: Ex-Trump Aide Defies Mueller in Media Tirade

    Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg had a full day of media availability Monday after a grand jury working under Special Counsel Robert Mueller subpoened him. Nunberg gave a series of interviews claiming

  • These Are The Videos They Want Banned From YouTube

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  • Automation: A Libertarian Dilemma

    When I was a kid, the thought of robotics, especially bionics, made me excited. I’m old enough to remember the Six Million Dollar Man and never missed an episode. An astronaut crashes on a test