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Archives for March 2018

Austin Rocked By Fourth Explosion In Less Than Two Weeks, Two Seriously Injured

Police in southwest Austin responded Sunday night to the fourth explosion in less than two weeks, hours after authorities issued a direct appeal for whoever has been planting a series of bombs to stop. Two men in their 20’s were hospitalized with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries according to Austin Travis County EMS. Authorities cleared a backpack in the area right after the incident. Investigators including the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF) responded to the scene, as over 500 federal agents have been dispatched to assist in the investigation.
At the scene of a reported explosion in southwest Travis County. We know two men were hurt. Police are keeping us streets away from the scene, which is on Dawn Song Drive. pic.twitter.com/55jN27XKrn
— Pattrik Perez KVUE (@PattrikPerez) March 19, 2018
Austin Police Chief Brian Manley urged residents to remain in their homes “until we’ve had a chance to deem this neighborhood safe,” which will be “at minimum until daylight.” Residents are warned not to touch or go near anything that looks like a package. 
Initial Statement from Chief Manley regarding explosion https://t.co/CCydXhmQ8e
— Austin Police Dept (@Austin_Police) March 19, 2018

Eliza May said she was watching a TV show in her home…

The Market Ticker – Cambridge Analytica: So What?

Wow man, it’s a huge scandal when someone grabs data without explicit permission from users for one purpose, but when Zuckerpig does it all is ok.The employee, Chris Wylie, told Britain’s Channel 4 that Cambridge used the data to build psychological profiles so voters could be targeted with ads and stories. Wylie added that the data was obtained from an app developed by an academic that vacuumed up data from Facebook users who agreed to fill…

Righter Than Right

“I like it. A lot of good things,” said Donald Trump, describing libertarianism in late 2015. I’m skeptical if President Trump, then or now, could give even a basic definition of the liberty philosophy. But despite that ignorance, I believe Trump has paved the way to make the Republican Party more libertarian. At a cursory […]Righter Than Right was first posted on March 19, 2018 at 12:51 am. …

New Hampshire: Once More Unto the Breach

With nearly two years to go before the 2020 presidential primaries kick off, the vultures are already circling New Hampshire. The Washington Post‘s John Wagner reports on recent or coming visits to the state by US president Donald Trump, vice-president Mike Pence, 2016 also-ran John Kasich, and former US Senator / anti-Trump gadfly Jeff Flake (R-AZ). Republicans … Continue reading New Hampshire: Once More Unto the Breach → …

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