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Archives for 02/05/2018

Canada’s Largest Energy Company Is Replacing 400 Truck Drivers With Self-Driving Trucks

Canada’s largest oil company announced last week that it will be cutting about 400 heavy-equipment operator positions over the next six years as they phase in a new fleet of self-driving trucks. Suncor Energy, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, announced on Wednesday that it plans to deploy over 150 driver-less trucks, leading to job cuts

HB 444 – Stand your ground and castle doctrine

February 5, 2018 Bill description: HB 444 would update Idaho’s self-defense laws. The bill addresses both the Castle Doctrine policy, which provides for self-defense on one’s property and Stand Your Ground policy, which provides for self-defense in public. Rating: +2 Does it violate the spirit or the letter of either the US Constitution or the

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