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Archives for 02/01/2018

CDC Head Forced to Resign After She’s Caught Buying Shares in Vaccine & Big Tobacco Companies

A scathing report has just revealed that the now-former head of the Center for Disease Control, Brenda Fitzgerald was purchasing shares in drug companies as well as big tobacco—while heading up the organization ostensibly devoted to health. The hypocritical nature of her position at the CDC while simultaneously investing in companies contrary to her mission exposes

Chinese Liquidity Crunch Begins As Stocks Sink: Bankers Begging Friends For Deposits On WeChat

Via ‘Investing In Chinese Stocks’ blog, Another cyclical slowdown in China looks to be underway… December’s FAI went negative yoy and now an anecdote pointing to another cash crunch in the banking system.   Every year ahead of Spring Festival (February 16 this year) cash gets tight, but during the prior tightening cycle from 2013-2015

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