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Archives for 12/02/2017

Happy Holidays. Yes, All of Them.

It’s “War on Christmas” time again. In a November 30 speech in St. Charles, Missouri, US president Donald Trump mounted a stage festooned with Christmas trees to kick off the annual Airing of the Fake Grievance: “[Y]ou go to the department stores and you see ‘Happy New Years,’ and you see red, and you see … Continue reading Happy Holidays. Yes, All of Them. → …

How A Dubious BBC Report Gave Israel The “Green Light” For Last Night’s Attack On Syria

Syrian state television has confirmed that Israel attacked a military base outside of Damascus overnight on Friday, which Israeli media reports involved both surface-to-surface missiles and airstrikes, while Syria says its air defense systems were engaged and intercepted two missiles. Like other recent strikes inside Syria, the Israeli jets reportedly fired from over Lebanese airspace,

The Market Ticker – Did Trump Just Admit to Felony Obstruction?

Oh oh….Two dumb things here.  First, Trump is stupid enough to own and use an iPhone.But second, and not-at-all tongue-in-cheek, is the content of this tweet.If Trump fired Flynn knowing Flynn had lied to the FBI and then attempted to get Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn’s conduct (which he has also admitted to doing, which there is documentary evidence of, and which occurred after he…….(Click link to read more) …

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