Day: December 1, 2017

  • Viral ‘Trump Was Right About France’ Video Censored By Facebook

    An Infowars video that has been seen by nearly one million people, “Flashback: Trump Warned France of Terrorist Attack,” has now been censored by Facebook, saying it may show graphic violence or

  • REVEALED: Bitcoin’s Price in 2020

    Dear Reader,This July, software grandee John McAfee donned the fool’s cap… and brought down roars of laughter upon his head…This bedlamite actually predicted bitcoin would reach $500,000 by the

  • The Great American Single-Family Home Problem

    The NYTimes has an excellent piece on how difficult it is to build new housing in California, even in places where zoning allows such housing on paper. It includes this amazing anecdote: Then there

  • My Wife Loves Me

    She gave me this bourbon Advent calendar today.  A different two-ounce flight each day until Christmas!