Month: May 2017

  • Capitalism Is About Working Less to Earn More

    By: Ferghane Azihari In 1800, you had to work, on average, one hour to obtain ten minutes of artificial light. Today, this same hour allows you to buy 300 days of light. In 1900, one kilowatt-hour

  • Why Do Half-Measures Work for Markets, But Not for Socialism?

    By: Ryan McMaken Socialists have attempted many times to put their ideology into action. Socialism has been applied in the Soviet Union, Cuba, China (before Deng), North Korea, and by many other

  • Military personnel a vital part of Libertarian Party

    Pete Rohrman 2017 Libertarian for Gov (NJ) Infantry Platoon Sergeant Marine Corps May 31, 2017 Today the Libertarian National Committee passed the following resolution pertaining to U.S. military

  • Manuel Noriega Was First in a Long Line of New "Hitlers"

    By: Ryan McMaken By 1989, it had become apparent to all — everyone except the CIA, of course — that the Soviet economy, and thus the Soviet state was in very deep trouble. In November 1989, the