Month: March 2017

  • Ask Otter to repeal the grocery tax

    Special note: Use this to easily send Gov. Otter an email asking him to repeal the grocery tax:  Hear Me, Idaho Action Page Gov. Butch Otter will decide over the next several days whether to repeal

  • The Shotgun Marriages Forced on Breweries

    by Greg Pulscher Relationships should be built upon voluntary choice, promoting mutual respect and mutually beneficial outcomes. In these unions, both parties are better off with each other than

  • Judge Gorsuch on the Hot Seat

    Following Justice Scalia's death last year, Republicans took a gamble with their #NoHearingsNoVote strategy, refusing to confirm any Supreme Court nominee for the remainder of the election year.

  • Stop Calling the “Freedom Caucus” the “Rebellious Far Right Wing” , By Jeffrey A. Tucker

    My hope is that this article will settle this nonsense once and for all. It won’t. Fake news outlets will persist as long as they are allowed to get away with it. It’s a smear and an outright