Month: November 2016

  • Little taxpayer representation at the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho meeting

    Who really is representing the interests of taxpayers in this state? If you attended the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho annual meeting like I did Wednesday, you might wonder. The meeting in Boise

  • Fifty Years Later, Moore’s Computing Law Holds

    An October 1964 Westinghouse display of new molecular electronics able to replace as many as 50 transistors. (FOX PHOTOS/GETTY IMAGES) (FOX PHOTOS/GETTY IMAGES) Analysis By

  • Surety Supported Jobs on the Rise

    The recent election ballots had billions of dollars of proposed expenditure bonds for the building and maintenance of schools, roads and public facilities that passed. This is a big opportunity for

  • Baylen Linnekin on *Biting the Hands that Feed Us*

    The last time Baylen Linnekin joined the show, he had recently helped American farmers secure a major Supreme Court win in the case of Horne v. USDA, in which a raisin farmer Melvin Horne fought back